Every year I set goals to drive my actions for the upcoming year. I have been doing this from 2015 and in the last six years I have learnt that my goals are sometimes not complimentary and sometimes contradictory. Some goals require me to be extremely practical and some require me to be creative and some very academic. So it becomes difficult to fulfill all these goals in the same year as I would have to change my mental mindset and all momentum is lost. When I was thinking about this, I came across a video made by CGP Grey about yearly themes and I used this idea to bring a consistent theme across my goals and help get into a particular mindset for the year.

When I was thinking about my theme for the year, I was trying to think about the hurdles that I faced last year. I realised that I had too many goals and they were all over the place. Yes I am setting a theme this year to help with that, but what if I double down on this idea? I feel I just need to buckle down and focus on fulfilling one goal. This reminded me of another video of Naval Ravikanth where he talks about the power of focusing on one thing at a time.

That’s why I have decided that this year I am just going to have one main goal for the year and focus on achieving that. I don’t want to have any other goals that distract me or divert me from this main goal. This way I make it easy for myself to focus on achieving this one goal. Thats why this year the theme is


As usual, I will be open and flexible to change as the year progresses. This year feels pivotal to my plans for the near future. I have had a couple of years of unexpected changes. Adding Covid to this mix, I really hope this is the year we wave goodbye to the pandemic and live real lives. I am anxious but excited about this year.