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I have always been a very curious person and an over thinker. I want to understand whats happening around me and make sense of the world that I am living in, so I spend a lot time learning and thinking about it.

Another thing that I really want to do? Writing. I always want to write what I understand when I learn something. It helps me groom the fuzzy thoughts and bring clarity to my understanding. Writing just completes this circle for me. Learning, Thinking and Writing. This vicious cycle is a like a machine in my head that I can’t seem to get rid of . Every thought gets vetted in this machine for authenticity, bias, context, reason, evidence and value. End result? A head full of ideas and opinions.

I deeply and genuinely feel there is a lot of value in putting these thoughts out in the open for others to see. Thats what makes me want to write. I love to spend time, writing and publishing. I do all this with an ultimate goal of writing a book someday.

✐ Writing
I write about apps, gadgets and all things digital on my blog called Digital Cognition. 

❃ Projects
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