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Active Projects

I write a newsletter called Counter Productive. With this newsletter, I want to write about my productivity setup and system, the apps and gadgets that I use on a everyday basis to get work done. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

Counter Productive
The Never-Ending Tweaks & Changes to Productivity Workflows, New Apps, Tools and Techniques for Note Taking, Knowledge Management, Task Management, Life Management and All Things Digital. Click to read Counter Productive, by Eshwar Nag, a Substack publication. Launched 2 months ago.

Past Projects

Thousand Twenty Four
In 2020, I started a website that served as a full fledged gadget guide like the Wirecutter but for the Indian audience.  

Derailed Douchebaggery
In 2013, I was a freelance writer on one of our college magazines. I wrote about technology, gadgets and the internet.

I started a Microsoft centric news website in 2012 to provice in-depth news, information and analysis.

Tech Savvy
In 2011, I started a tech blog to experiment my interests in both technology and writing.

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