When you are planning to safeguard your family’s financial safety and health, the two most important things to consider buying are life insurance and health insurance. A couple of years ago, I started to research these two options. Life insurance was easy to find. But, I have been on the lookout for a healthcare plan for me and my family for a couple of years now but I have been left disappointed with all the options out there. 

What is Even Healthcare?

Recently I came across a new startup company called Even Healthcare which is based out of Bangalore. Their healthcare plan was very intriguing to me and I became interested. I chose to dig deeper and understand the offerings. Of all the health insurance companies and plans that I have come across so far, Even Healthcare felt like the most refreshing and interesting choice. Most insurance companies help you out only when you are in a dire situation and when you need hospitalization, but Even Healthcare has a different premise. They believe in preventative healthcare and not just hospitalization. That’s why all their plans come with a complete healthcare package. Their plan includes not only insurance coverage for hospitalization, but also comes with free doctor consultations, free at-home, and lab tests, and a personal care team to help 24x7.

This is what I liked about Even. If you are sick or having a health issue, you can immediately contact Even’s doctors. They have a bunch of in-house doctors that span the fundamentals like general physicians, general medicine, internal medicine, physiotherapists, psychologists, and dieticians. You can book a video consultation with any of these doctors through their app and they will try to help you with your problem. In case the in-house doctors are not able to solve your issue, they will let you go to any hospital of your choice to get the help you need and Even will pay for the consultation and lab tests that are needed. This commitment to preventative or early treatment of health issues is commendable and right up my alley. Not only that, just like all insurance companies, in case you need to get hospitalized, Even will pay for your hospitalization as well and the advantage here is that the co-pay is zero percent which very few companies offer. 

Why I chose Even Healthcare?

This is why I chose Even Healthcare. Their health care plan covers both OPD and IPD expenses. Not only is their offering more complete, but their plans are easy to understand too. If you try to buy insurance from any of the competitors, you will find an exhausting list of terms and conditions that are not made obvious and are hidden away in small print and jargon. Many times, it’s also difficult to understand what the competitors are offering as their sales experience is very bad and their presentation is terrible. With Even, all the information is easily available on their website and their plans are so easy to understand. It’s not to say that Even doesn’t have a long list of terms and conditions, they do, but they present it to you in very simple words and they don’t try to hide anything. This transparency and easy-to-understand presentation build trust with the company and that has been my experience at least. 

The prices of the health care plans offered by Even are competitive. When I compared and contrasted them to the competitors, I was pleasantly surprised that their plans were similar to the market price with arguably better offerings. Since I bought into the vision, the plans, and the price, I went ahead and bought the insurance for the three of us, me, my wife, and our newborn son.

The buying experience was very smooth, I just had to sign up on their website, give all the basic details and choose the plan and cover that I wanted. Once I paid for the first year or month, you are assigned an onboarding manager who helps you with the next steps. Thereafter, you are expected to answer a long questionnaire about your and your family’s current health and medical history. Upon reviewing these answers, Even will either accept or deny your membership accordingly. 

Our Experience with Even Healthcare

I applied for the membership and just within a couple of days my healthcare plan was active. I was extremely pleased with the seamless sales and onboarding experience. Just within days of buying the healthcare plan, I had an upset stomach. I opened their app to book a video consultation and I got an appointment with a physician in 15 minutes. I was sent an email with an invite to Google Meet. I joined the call and a doctor showed up to help me with my issue. 

The week after that my wife had an issue with the skin in her wrist and she booked a consultation with an Even doctor for the same. The general physician who showed up for my wife told us that this issue needed in-person consultation and we were free to go to any hospital to get it checked and Even would pay for it. 

In the Even app, there is a UPI scanner that can be used to pay for consultations and lab tests if you go to any in-person visit, and that's how Even pays for stuff. This is much easier than any reimbursement process that other insurance companies provide. 

For our son, the protocol was even more seamless. Even’s internal policy is that for children aged less than five, you don’t even need to consult with one of Even’s doctors and you can directly visit any hospital and any pediatrician of your choice. We just need to inform customer care, and they will unlock the UPI scanner in the app. We also got to test this out. Our son had diaper rashes and hence we wanted to get it checked with a pediatrician. So we called up customer care and they immediately unlocked the scanner for his consultation. Once we reached the hospital, we could pay for his consultation using this and it was all very seamless and I didn’t have to pay for it. 

All the three times we have used Even so far, we only have good things to say. The fact that Even has in-house doctors that you can contact 24x7 is really good and it reduces the friction to getting help or contacting a doctor when in need. This way, we are encouraged to get help for all issues, small or big and this greatly reduces the chance of ignoring symptoms or failing to diagnose an issue in its early stage. 


Even is not perfect, of course, many things can be improved. I would like to see the history of all consultations with in-house doctors in the app. I would like to see an expanded range of in-house doctors if possible. I would like to see some form of offering for medications that other companies have already. I would like the healthcare plan to be more expansive and cover more dental, eye, and sleep problems as well. I would like the terms and conditions of the insurer behind Even to be completely abstracted so that there are no asterisks and small print at all. 

But none of this is a deal breaker for me that's why I chose Even. I couldn’t find any other health insurance that even comes close to this offering. This has been my experience in just a couple of weeks since purchase. I will write an updated post maybe at the end of the subscription in a year to see if I have changed my mind and if I will be renewing my subscription or not. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you can ask me. 

Update (21st January 2023)

Since the post was posted more than a month and a half ago, we have visited the paediatrician three more times since then and Even paid for all of them. Once, we even missed to use their scanner as we were in a hurry, but we were able to inform Even later and get a reimbursement for the same. The reimbursement process was also so seamless using their app. 

- We were told that Even doctors would be available 24x7, but twice now I have observed that, there was no one available in the night. I didn't know if this was co-incidence or if doctors are not available in the night. I would need to check this with their customer care.