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Back to Journaling again

For years, I've been passionate about journaling. However, midway through 2023, I felt it became an added burden in my life, leading me to stop it altogether. But I have really missed journaling since. What I truly miss isn't the act of documenting, but being able to revisit my entries, memories,and the captured moments.

Encountering past entries and memories fills me with regret for abandoning this practice. This feeling weighed heavily on me, prompting a decision to reintroduce journaling into my life. The catalyst was DayOne's release of a shared journals feature, that finally allows my long-held desire to co-create a shared journal with my wife come true, where I would like to document our little son's milestones.

This trigger prompted me to reevaluate and reignite my commitment to journaling as a habit. I promptly subscribed to Day One's premium subscription to jump back on this journey once again.