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I have a newsletter now.

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I am starting a newsletter called Counter Productive, where I want to document my thoughts, opinions and my journey towards creating a digital second brain. I want to document my experience using apps and gadgets, why I use them, or decided to stop using them or moved from one to another and how I did that. I also would like to write about my experiences testing new apps and services even if they don’t become a part of my setup. I will also talk about the workflows and systems I have in place to help me build this hyper digital life.

My newsletter is on Substack. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Everybody has a newsletter now, especially on Substack, why am I joining this already crowded medium which has probably reached the first level saturation point? I am not really writing this newsletter as a side hustle or for making money. I am writing this newsletter purely to document my journey. Furthermore, I really love watching and reading about how everyone else have their digital life setup, what gadgets they use, what apps they use, what's on their desk and what's in their bag. And I thought why not document mine as well. I have been wanting to share what I do, publicly and document my projects, publicly, for a while now, and I think this is a good start.

So if you want to follow my digital journey, you can subscribe to my newsletter. It will also encourage me to write more and build my projects publicly. So I would love it if you can subscribe, it would mean a lot.

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